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Welcome to Yein Dental.

High Quality and Affordable Dental Products and Instruments.

Yein Dental Ltd is the leading for the online supplier of used dental equipment with the highest quality at competitive prices. We also offer free shipping. With that advantages compared to other stores, make Yein Dental as leader in dental products market for dentist office equipment

Yein Dental Ltd is a premier, family-owned dental supply company based in Hong Kong, that specializes in the global supply of high-quality dental products and instruments. We delight our most valued clients and help them run and manage a successful dental practice.

Our Dental Products

We retail a broad range of dental products necessary to fulfill all dentistry requirements. These include:
-Dental surgery chairs
-Dental Imaging Equipment
-Imaging and X-ray Equipment
-Intraoral Dental Camera
-Lab Equipment
-Oral Care Equipment
-used dental equipment
-dental cad cam
-dental chairs
-panoramic x ray
-And much more!!

Our dental products are not only genuine, but of high quality, and sourced directly from the world’s top, most trusted manufacturers and brands. Whatever your unique requirements, we have the perfect products to suit you.

What’s more? Each of our dental products is competitively priced thereby giving you an opportunity to stock up and run a successful dental practice – without the expensive costs usually involved.

Work with us Today!

The supplier you select for your dental products plays a vital role in your dental practice, and in most cases determines whether you will succeed and stay ahead of the competition, or fail.

When you choose to work with Yein Dental, you will be making the right choice for your practice, and from the onset, you will realize immediate benefits such as:
-High quality, durable products
-Thorough testing before shipping
-2-year warranty and returns
-Best customer support

With plenty year of experience in the dental equipment and supply industries, you can rest easy because you will be working with an experienced company which is responsive, ready and enthusiastic so you can succeed.

Smooth Shopping Experience

In addition to our high-quality Dental products and affordable prices, we also offer many discounts, a superior shopping experience, coupled with free shipping, and the highest levels of customer service.

Our well-trained, knowledgeable staff are well versed with our dental products and are always on hand to advise you on the latest brands and products, that suit your business needs.

So Are you Ready?

It’s time for you to get high quality and durable dental products to fulfill your business needs, at affordable prices you can afford. Please visit Our Online Website to Shop our amazing dental products Today!

You can also Call or Email us for any inquiries. We’ll be pleased to recommend the best dental products for your practice.

Chell Lee - Sales Manager

Sales Manager

The successful Dental Sales Specialist that responsible for selling Intraoral Dental Camera, and Dental Imaging Equipment.

Vincent Hazard - Manager

Dental Practice Manager

Dental Practice Manager, Provides specialist Intraoral Dental Camera, and Dental Imaging Equipment. Also, offers training.

Franklyn Hugo - IT

IT manager

specializes in Computer Support for Dentist office equipment

Yesi Indriani - CEO

Yein Dental CEO

CEO is responsible for the administration and leadership, as well as for implementing the strategy, policies, and procedures.

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