What you need before buying clinical dental equipment?

What you need before buying clinical dental equipment?

What you need before buying clinical dental equipment?

Whether there is a need for machinery for the newer clinical method or previous equipment ran out of time, every condition comes to a single conclusion that which type of equipment should purchase i.e. factory made new or used one. Both of the options are open according to the frequency of utilization and cost of the dental equipment. If the equipment has to be repeatedly used for several hours, it is better to buy a newer one. On the other hand, if equipment will be utilized only a few times over the whole day it would be better to opt for used equipment, but it has to be certified and in excellent working condition.

What equipment is needed?

Most of the times whenever a person goes shopping, he/she buys a bucket-load of things which were not in his/her list. Same happens with dental equipment too. For example, the manager came up with the demand of two dental torque wrenches, but he ends up purchasing replacement tools with an extra bur. One such incident in Thailand attracted massive attention in an emergency case where hospital administrations had to apologize to the patient and his relatives before referring it to another clinic free of cost. So, proper equipment should be purchased at a good time to avoid such risky encounters of a patient’s health.

Search and compare: One should not hesitate to search the equipment in different specifications and comparing the various brand names on multiple factors before finalizing equipment for purchase.

Reliability of the equipment

One shall not be meticulous about the heavy machinery only. Because it does not matter, the equipment is small or large, automatic or manual, electrical or not; every dental instrument should be properly tested before approving it for use in the clinic. If any morbidity or minor issue found in the trials, parts should be re-aligned and re-tested on working mechanism as well as its precision.

Cost of the equipment

It is the most influencing factor in any purchase. A dentist needs a whole range of equipment to run the clinic properly. If he insists on buying costly equipment, he will also tend to run out of some basic dental equipment required in day to day procedures. Such dilemma can be handled by purchasing used equipment in place of newer one. It will result in huge cuts in the original cost of the equipment, and one may even end up buying two used equipment in the same amount used in purchasing original new equipment.

Planning of equipment installation

Place, date and time of installation should calculate before buying new equipment. Dimensions of the heavy equipment should match the space present in the room.

Training of the professionals and staff

For an efficient functioning of the instrument, dental professional, as well as the staff, has to be adequately trained to run the equipment properly. Thus, it increases the capability and leads to achieve optimum output from the equipment.

A person should be well satisfied with his choice in a purchase if he/she considers factors mentioned above beforehand.

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